Want to Join/Volunteer?


A yearly FWBW Membership is $30. This is an amazing deal! A membership allows you to check out a Carrier at a meeting or when leftovers are posted and keep it until the following meeting. This is an amazing and reasonable way to find a carrier that best fits your body and baby’s needs. You are able to try on all of our 90+ carriers and can take one home each month.  If you would like to join our amazing Community please feel out the application so it can be processed right away!


Link to Printable Application —-> FWBW Membership Application


If you have any questions feel free to pm fortworthbabywearers@gmail.com attn. “Membership”.





We wanted to reach out to all 2,363+ of our FWBW Facebook Group Members! 🙂
Our group is run and maintained entirely by volunteers. Moms and dads like you give their time and effort because babywearing is a passion and we have a deep desire to serve our community with teaching safe babywearing and spreading the babywearing love.

So… to keep our group running smoothly, we are always looking for volunteers! We need help behind the scenes. We need assistance with instructing and assisting at carrier stations during the meetings. We need YOU!

When you Volunteer at meetings you also get bumped to the top of the checkout line right under the Line Jump Pass Winners! What a HUGE Plus!! 😉
If you are willing and interested, please fill out this Volunteer Application so we can help you get plugged in. After your application has been sent please join our Instructor and Volunteer Facebook Group where volunteer opportunities and meeting event signups are posted.
Thank you!!!