*October’s Volunteer of the Month*

**October’s Volunteer of the Month**

Stephanie Chick


I have an 8 year old boy, 5 year old boy, and 14 month old girl. My oldest was rarely worn because I had a thin base carrier at the time that was not very comfortable. I really wanted to wear my second but couldn’t afford a carrier at the time and didn’t know of babywearing groups back then. So my babywearing journey really started with my 3rd and last baby. My second baby was worn for the first time at 4 years old (after the 3rd was born). He really enjoys it but doesn’t get worn very often. Before my daughter was born, I was only interested in SSCs. Shortly after she was born, I wanted to try it all and now have a little of everything in my stash. I tend to grab my SSCs and Mei Tais the most.
I enjoy volunteering with Fort Worth Babywearers and helping others discover the love of babywearing. Babywearing has allowed me to volunteer at church and with my son’s cub scout pack as well as do housework and homework with my boys.


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