♥ Tandem Babywearing ♥

What is Tandem Wearing?

Tandem Babywearing is the practice of wearing multiples of 2 or more babies or children. TW has been practiced all over the world. You can practice TW in sooo many ways! Below we will go over different methods of Tandem Wearing…

Here is some of our amazing Mommas TW while on playdates and while running errands…
Mrs. Aubrey True doing what she does BEST!!


Here is Mrs Jennifer Hoover TW in two SSC carriers.


We know it can seem VERY overwhelming trying to figure out “How to TW” but it is truly simple! We have found some YouTube Videos that will help assist you better.

How to Tandem Wear two babies in a Size 7 wrap.

How to Tandem Wear in Two SSC (Tulas).

How to Tandem Wear on your Hips in a Size 7 LL Woven Wrap.

How to Tandem Wear in a Woven Wrap and Beco SSC carrier.

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