*September Volunteer of the Month*

*Shannon Jenks*


My name is Shannon Jenks and I’ve been involved with FWBW for nearly 3 years.  I was gifted a membership at my baby shower for my first, now two and a half.  I attended my first meeting on a Saturday in January, then had him on Tuesday!  The ring sling I checked out that meeting is still in the library and was the one I checked out the month my second son was born.  It’s awesome they both got to be carried in the same first carrier!  I even carried the toddler into my last midwife appointment in the sling as he had fallen asleep in the car.

Babywearing has made so much easier for us.  We still wear the toddler when we are walking long distances, or going places with a lot of people.  We are an SSC family, loving our Beco Gemini for the littles and Tula for when they’re bigger. I love the freedom of not having a stroller in crowded places.
You’ll usually find me at the ring sling station during meetings, occasionally with SSC.  I love helping caregivers wear their tiny babies!

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