Why should you attend a FWBW Meeting?

Carrier Lending Library:

Finding the Right Carrier for You and Baby



Finding the right carrier for you and your baby can be tough: first you have you decide what style of carrier that you want? Something with buckles?) and then, if you can decide on a style, there are tons of options for each style. You can ask around, but chances are if you ask five different babywearers what their favorite carrier is, you will get five different answers (and they will all be great carriers!)


Another downside is that, well, good carriers aren’t cheap (and, sadly, neither are the not-so-good ones!) Investing $100-$200 on a carrier is daunting even when you know you’re going to love what you’re getting… when you haven’t even had the chance to see the carrier in person or try it on — or when you’ve already spent $100-$200 on one and it’s not working for you — that can be enough to make you give up on babywearing altogether.


This is why FWBW has a carrier library available at every meeting. We want to give you the chance to see the different carriers, try them on, compare this brand of mei tai with that brand of Mei Tai, feel the texture of a gauze woven wrap compared to the texture of a cotton-blend woven wrap. You can put on a buckle carrier and compare it to a mei tai — does the ease of the buckles make a significant difference to you compared to the ties of the mei tai? Or are you too OCD for buckles because you can’t get both sides to sit evenly and prefer the mei tai straps because you can tie them however you want?



However, trying on a carrier and walking around the meeting space for a few minutes (especially if your little one is already tired or overstimulated and won’t relax in the carrier) is not an accurate gauge of how that carrier will work for you and baby. Baby may seem to hate it at the meeting, but once you’re back home, in a familiar environment, and baby has calmed down from all the noise and jostling of the meeting, you may find baby loves that sling. Or after wearing that buckle carrier while doing the dishes you may realize that the buckle hits your armpit in a funny way and it’s driving you bonkers.


This is why we offer the lending library. The best way to see if a carrier will work for you and your little one is to try it on and use it the way you will use it at home, and we want you to be able to do that! (Without shelling out the full purchase price each time)


Members are allowed to borrow one carrier each month (if you have twins or triplets, you may borrow two carriers per month). We still want our library to be available for members and non-members to peruse at the meetings, so carriers are due at the start of each meeting (if you know you will not be able to make the meeting, please make arrangements ahead of time with our librarians, Mindi and Stephanie to avoid late fees).


We are always looking to expand our carrier library! If you have a carrier you would like to donate to our lending library or to our Babywearing 101 library, please contact us. If it’s a carrier we can use, you can save 50% or more off your membership or renewal dues!

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